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Going to court in a divorce Sucks! There are so many options for a divorce without court. 

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Divorce Mediation

Our goal at Amicable Divorce Services is to help couples and families resolve their concerns peacefully and efficiently regarding the children, finances, and property without going to court. Learn more about our confidential divorce process here.

Amicable Divorce Services

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Mediation services in Pasadena

If you are considering mediation for divorce in Pasadena, choose a mediator with experience and neutrality in conflict resolution. Our mediation lawyer will help you resolve your divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, prenup, and postnup disputes.

Pasadena Collaborative Divorce

For collaborative divorce in Pasadena, choose an attorney trained in collaborative divorce law. As a collaborative lawyer, I'm committed to helping my clients reach a fair and mutually beneficial settlement.

Pasadena Prenup Attorney

In addition to providing financial protection, a prenup can also help couples have open and honest conversations about their financial expectations and goals for the future. This can help set the foundation for a strong and healthy marriage. Prenups can cover a wide range of topics such as assets, business, debt, and much more

Pasadena Divorce Document Prep

Are you filing for divorce in Pasadena court or downtown Los Angeles? We provide affordable divorce document preparation services at a flat fee. Get top-notch services for your divorce document preparation with an experienced divorce attorney. We prepare all your divorce paperwork and file it so you can complete all deadlines.

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Learn about all the divorce Options together with your Spouse

Schedule a Free initial consultation with a Pasadena mediator and attend it together. Read More


Pick the Best Divorce Option After Consulting with the Mediator

Now that you have been educated on all the different divorce options and how much each option costs, pick the option that works best for your family. Read More


Follow Your Mediator's Guidance

A mediator’s job is NOT to coerce, pressure, or make decisions for you. But, if you follow the guidance of an experienced mediator, the divorce process will be more efficient, which saves money. Read More 

Affordable Divorce Services in Pasadena

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get top-notch divorce services. We offer some of the most competitive rates among Pasadena divorce lawyers, including flat-fee divorce packages.

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