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Amicable Divorce Services in Burbank

5 Tips on a successful Amicable Divorce:
  1. Find a peacemaking divorce lawyer who no longer goes to court (or almost never goes to court) so that your attorney will not drag you into court by promising you a better “Deal” if you go to court. Lawyers who go to court frequently often have a litigation mindset that is hard to let go of during settlement talks.
  2. Establish and understand what’s important to you:  This step alone might be the most important step in an amicable divorce. By focusing on family values, and what’s really important to the family, couples can easily reach a “desirable” compromise and a settlement that caters to their specific needs and values as opposed to their lawyer promising them a great deal. Remember, your lawyer’s idea of what a “good” deal is, might be different from what you actually want. For instance, your lawyer may think that getting you the family residence is a good deal when actually you don’t care about it and would rather have the retirement account and focus on the family downsizing by selling the house and spending more time creating an equal parenting timeshare plan with the children. As an amicable divorce lawyer in Burbank, Leslie’s focus is to help you reach an agreement that’s based on your values and interests, as opposed to what’s the best “deal” to a lawyer.
  3. Do what is best for your family:  Judges only have the authority to apply the law. Outside of court, your values and interests matter! When you resolve your case outside of court, you get to be creative and find solutions that are much better for your family than what the law mandates.
  4.  Collaborative lawyer in Burbank:  Couples should do their due diligence in finding a collaboratively trained team made up of collaborative professionals who have each had numerous collaborative cases. Be careful about lawyers who “claim” to be collaborative lawyers when they’re really just litigious attorneys whose practice is built around the premise of getting their clients the best deal based on the law. Don’t get us wrong, as a former “Bulldog” lawyer, our job is to zealously advocate for our clients and “win” at all costs. But, when your family values and children are far more important to you than court battles, then finding a collaborative lawyer who understands that, is critical. The collaborative process is highly specialized and the lawyer must trust each other to have a positive outcome in your case. We have found that litigating attorneys will take on a collaborative case and bully their way through it costing the family tens of thousands of dollars more than it should have cost.
  5. Amicable Divorce Services in Burbank: The name of Leslie’s firm says it all. As a former “bulldog” attorney, the focus of her practice now is to help families resolve issues like property division, child custody, child support, spousal support (alimony), custody modifications and prenups amicably. If you have a family law-related issue, call Amicable Divorce Services in Burbank today.


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