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Choose a Peacemaker, Not a Bulldog Attorney in Sheep’s Clothing

If it is time for you to deal with your divorce or custody matter, there are different kinds of professionals you can hire to help you through the process. If you want to go to court and make your spouse and children suffer with intense stress, then you can hire a bulldog attorney to make several court appearances and write lots of letters threatening the other side. This will surely make your spouse stop communicating with you and will cost both of you tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.

The other option is to hire a peacemaker to settle your case. You can hire a peacemaking litigation attorney whose focus is on settling the case for you, but has courtroom experience in case you cannot settle. Not all family law attorneys are peacemakers in nature. Some attorneys are used to bullying and rarely settle their cases. By the way, this does not mean that you will get the best outcome for yourself. I’ve even attended mediation where the attorney on the other side announced that she would not allow her client to participate in the mediation and that attending mediation was a bad idea in the first place. The only reason she and her client showed up that day was because the court ordered us all to attend. It was appalling to me that she did not even attempt to reach a peaceful resolution.

Bulldog attorneys who claim to mediate frustrate the settlement process and cost both parties an enormous amount of unnecessary attorney’s fees. If you prefer to avoid the anger and hatred involved in bulldog litigation, make sure that you select an attorney who has a reputation for being a peacemaker. How do you know? Ask the attorney what their training was for mediation and collaborative law and the percentage of their mediation practice versus litigation. Amicable attorneys do not create lots of animosity for the sole purpose of driving up your attorney’s fees to line our own pockets with your money the way a bulldog attorney will.

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