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pasadena family law CENTER | litigation

It takes Dedication plus Experience to get Results in family law court. Leslie Howell litigated high asset property division, high income spousal support and child support cases when she worked in Century City and frequently obtained the outcomes her clients wanted. Although her focus is no longer on high profile cases, she acquired a wealth of information that is useful to her current family law clients.
Sometimes even good intentions don’t work out when one spouse or parent is trying to settle their divorce or child custody case amicably. If one spouse has tried to settle out of court but the other spouse is unreasonably selfish, then going to court might be the only solution. A small part of Leslie’s practice still includes litigation to advocate for her clients’ child custody, child support and spousal support issues. Leslie offers different services which she can describe during an initial consultation. 
Spouses and parents who have a case that needs resolution in court can shoot us an e-mail or give us a call to schedule a free 30-minute phone call to evaluate your family law case and to discuss your options.

dedication + experience = results