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Do You Have To Pay a Retainer Fee for Consulting Lawyers?

When you choose the mediation process for your divorce, it’s best to have a peacemaking, consulting lawyer to explain your rights to you. Many peacemaking, consulting lawyers typically charge you for the the time they spend with you and for reviewing your documents after you’ve completed your mediation. If you spend an hour or two with them, then you just pay that amount at the end of your meeting.

On the other hand, sometimes when trust is a big issue, a spouse may want to see her/his consulting lawyer more often than just for reviewing the Judgment at the end of the mediation sessions. When I have a mediating spouse who wants my input throughout the mediation process, I typically have my client pay as they go. However, if I seem to be spending hours on the phone, e-mailing or meeting with my client about her/his mediated divorce, we may charge an advance retainer fee for 3 hours of Leslie Howell’s time (or $1,050).

Regardless of how much time you spend with your consulting lawyer, it will be far cheaper to work with a PEACEMAKER and not a LITIGATOR. I find that spouses who use a litigator to consult with regarding their mediation spend thousands of dollars for consulting rather than just a few hundred for a peacemaker (such as an attorney who no longer goes to court or rarely goes to court).

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