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Don’t Be Fooled By Bulldog Attorneys in Sheep’s Clothing

If you want to go to court and make your spouse and children suffer with intense stress, then you can hire a bulldog attorney to make court appearances and write lots of mean-spirited letters threatening the other side. This will surely make your spouse stop talking to you and will cost both of you tens of thousands of dollars in attorney’s fees.

Many of these bulldog attorneys are often retained by spouses who are seeking a peacemaking attorney to settle their case without court. Bulldog attorneys often wear sheep’s clothing and claim to prefer settlement over litigation. These bulldog attorneys would like to believe they are peacemakers at heart, but they find ways to create nightmare litigation for the family instead. The unknowing client doesn’t know what happened to make her or him suddenly have to go to court. If there is a peacemaking attorney on the other side of the case, then she or he is forced to fight back with the bulldog attorney and settlement flies out the window.

Beware: bulldog attorneys publish websites where they claim to be collaborative or settlement minded but are so used to bullying other attorneys that they just can’t help themselves. By the way, having a bully for an attorney does not mean that you will get the best outcome for yourself.

Bulldog attorneys in sheep’s clothing frustrate the settlement process and cost both parties an enormous amount of unnecessary attorney’s fees.

How do you know what you’re getting it to? Ask the attorney about their collaborative and mediation trainings;  how often they attend mediation and collaborative trainings, and the percentage of their mediation practice versus their court cases. Good peacemakers attend collaborative and mediation trainings at least once per year every year.

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