HBO Show “Divorce” Shows Adversarial Process

If you’ve been watching the HBO series “Divorce” then you see that both sides tried mediation until the Husband’s friend told him he would get screwed. Friends and family may have good intentions but they often stir up trouble in divorces and end up hurting the kids and making the couple go broke.

We see it all the time….wife’s sister or husband’s parents or others think they’re giving good advice to support a spouse when all they’re doing is convincing her or him to spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight as hard as they can to destroy each other. What they don’t understand is that no one wins in an all-out divorce war except the lawyers.

This show is accurate in the way it portrays some bulldog attorneys who focus on hurting the other spouse. Spouses need to avoid this at all costs. Stay in mediation with an experienced, well-trained divorce mediator and save your time and money and children’s well-being. It’s your mediator’s job to make sure that no one is taken advantage of so find a mediator that you trust.

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