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How to File for Divorce?

When you are ready to file for divorce, file your Petition packet with the court. It is critical to complete your Petition packet properly. Family law attorneys are often hired to amend the Petition after is has been filed improperly. The court charges a filing fee of $435 to file your Petition. Make sure you file it in the right courthouse. Many people in Los Angeles County have the option of filing in 2 courthouses. Some courthouses have serious backlogs for processing uncontested/mediated divorce judgments. It is often better to file in one courthouse rather than the other one where you may be allowed to file.

At Amicable Divorce Services, we can draft and file your Petition for you. Attorney, Leslie Howell, charges her clients $350 to draft a Petition packet plus $25 to file it at court for you. That does not include the $435 filing fee payable to the court. You can file the Petition packet yourself if you don’t mind the parking and standing in line at the filing window. Note that if you want to request a fee waiver to try to waive your $435 filing fee, you will need to go to court and file the Petition Packet yourself and it may take several hours.

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