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Kids Don’t Always Bounce Back – Parents Must Prevent Damage BEFORE It’s Done

Have you ever heard a friend or acquaintance talk about how they are a product of divorce and that their parents’ custody battle destroyed their childhood and major events of their adulthood? And that they’re still working on resolving issues surrounding their parents’ divorce? Jason Mraz has a great song that describes one man’s feelings on the subject: “Love For a Child.” I know many adults who still carry the pain and resentment for the way their parents handled their divorce.

Parents have a duty to protect their children during a divorce. And if the kids (even adult kids) are hurting from one parent, the answer for the “in” parent is not to make it worse and buddy up to the kids. The answer is for BOTH parents to work together with their kids. How?

That’s what child specialists are for – to work together with parents to do what’s in the KIDS’ best interest. Too many parents don’t put their kids first and rationalize that since the other parent failed by breaking up the family and the kids don’t like that other parent, that “I’ll support the kids” to alienate her/him. Wrong! And if you’re attorney doesn’t insist that your client work it out with a child specialist and leave the kids to fend for themselves along with two parents who are winging it, shame on all of the adults.

You can expect the parents to show up at their kids’ weddings years later and ruin that too, with the tension and even worse behavior. Instead, love your children and put them first – don’t drag them through a custody battle.

For more information on using a child specialist during and after divorce, contact Leslie Howell at (626) 351-1200. Also, you can read articles by Mark Baer, Esq. on this issue.

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