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Pasadena Family Law Attorney

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Divorce Consulting Lawyer

There are a few options to go through a divorce without having an attorney of record. The main reason is that having an attorney’s name appear on your divorce papers costs a lot of money. But that doesn’t mean one should navigate the divorce process without legal counsel, especially if children and asset division are involved. You can hire a divorce consulting lawyer on an as-needed basis without paying the typical retainer fees. For instance, when we mediate divorce cases at our mediation firm in Pasadena, almost all of our clients choose to negotiate without paying their consulting lawyers to be present at the mediation. However, couples have the option to have their attorneys present if they want to. Once they’re done with mediation and reach a settlement, that’s when they each take the settlement agreement to their consulting lawyers for review. Remember that you can always consult with your lawyer before each mediation session. 

As a divorce consulting lawyer, Ms Howell will educate you about your rights and responsibilities, ensuring you make informed decisions. She’ll guide you through the legal processes, helping you understand the implications of various choices. As a consulting lawyer, Leslie works to ensure that there is a balance of power so that one spouse does not force the issue on the other. 

Pasadena Divorce Attorney

Legal Guidance

Family law matters can be intricate and emotionally charged. In such situations, having a seasoned attorney by your side becomes paramount. Beyond legal experience as a divorce lawyer in Pasadena, Ms Howell provides emotional support by offering a compassionate ear and strategic guidance, ensuring you feel supported throughout the process.

Do You Need A Consulting Lawyer?

Be aware that family law settlements are not agreed to by the lawyers. The parties are the ones who accept or reject the terms of the divorce agreement. The lawyers work with each other to bring the spouses closer to agreement, but we lawyers must discuss the terms with our clients. It’s a back-and-forth process, and many of my clients prefer this method to sitting in the same room with their soon-to-be ex.

Affordable Lawyer in Pasadena

Quality Services At Affordable Rates

Divorce proceedings often come with significant costs, leading many to shy away from seeking professional assistance. At Amicable Divorce Services, we will explain your rights to you. Typically we only charge you for the the time we spend reviewing your documents or counseling you. If you spend an hour or two with us, then you just pay that amount at the end of your meeting. There are no BIG retainer fees for consulting with us. It’s a simple Pay As You Go system! We are proud to provide affordable legal services without compromising on quality.

PAY AS YOU GO Divorce Services

Sometimes when trust is a big issue, a spouse may want to see a consulting lawyer to review the settlement terms at the end of each mediation session. When we have a mediating spouse who wants legal counsel throughout the mediation process, they typically pay as they go. Saving them tons of money as opposed to paying a retainer fee. This approach provides flexibility and financial ease.

Navigating Complex Divorce Issues

Family law often involves complicated issues such as child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division. Ms. Howell’s experience shines in resolving these complexities with a focus on achieving a fair and equitable outcome for her clients.


REVIEWING and drafting the agreement 

Once the couple has agreed on all key issues, the consulting lawyer’s job is to review their client’s judgment. At this point, they may suggest a few things like additional language be added to the judgment that protects you from future liability, etc. 


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