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Divorce Attorney

Leslie Howell

Pasadena Divorce Attorney & Mediator

For over 20 years, Leslie Howell has been practicing family law. She’s a compassionate and experienced Pasadena divorce attorney with a deep commitment to helping her clients navigate the legal complexities of their family law issues. She recognizes the emotional toll that conflict from a divorce can take on individuals, couples, and families. “I handle all divorce cases with sensitivity, understanding, and care. My goal is to provide my clients a fair mediation, or the best possible legal representation, while also providing the empathy they need during this difficult time. I believe in honest, direct communication and strive to provide clear and concise guidance throughout the process.”

Divorce attorney in Pasadena

As a divorce attorney in Pasadena, Leslie prioritizes her client’s needs and goals to help them reach a fair and equitable resolution based on their interests and values. She’s also focused on resolving disputes efficiently and cost-effectively. She knows that divorce can be overwhelming, so she strives to empower her clients to make the best decisions for themselves and their families.

Experienced divorce lawyer & Mediator

If you are in need of a trusted and experienced Pasadena divorce lawyer, get in touch with Leslie Howell. She’s a dedicated divorce lawyer and mediator who will work hard to resolve your family law matters and help you move forward with your life.

As a Pasadena divorce mediator, she has vast knowledge and experience in all aspects of the divorce process.

Confidential Divorce?

Leslie offers different ways to keep private information confidential and suggests ways to keep couples less searchable. Not everything about a couple has to be made public record. Yet, in so many cases, details about them end up becoming public records forever. This is not necessary. If a couple wants to keep their personal and financial information private, Leslie can help.

Mediator in Pasadena

Leslie strongly believes in the power of mediation, which is especially important during a divorce. Working with both spouses to reach an agreement on various issues can help to reduce conflict, the time and cost of a divorce, and thereby avoid the high cost of litigation. Her ultimate goal is to help couples find amicable solutions during this challenging chapter in life.

Pasadena Collaborative Lawyer

Leslie is well-trained and experienced in the collaborative divorce process. She is comfortable in her role in this inter-disciplinarian team approach, and she helps promote a co-equal environment among the team rather than “running the show” like attorneys are trained to do in court cases. This way, couples are heard and receive the expertise they need from each team member. By supporting the collaborative process, Leslie and the team often save clients tens of thousands of dollars by having each person focus on their specific role. As a collaborative divorce lawyer in Pasadena, Leslie takes the role of a legal advisor and document preparer while supporting her client at team meetings.

Mediation Style

Leslie’s approach is to look at each case from a neutral perspective. She pulls different techniques from her toolbox, such as facilitative, evaluative, and transformative styles. She makes sure that both parties are being heard and that their concerns are being addressed. She knows that the divorce process can be arduous no matter how amicable the relationship is, emotionally and financially. That’s why she wants to help clients find solutions tailored to their individual needs so that the process can go as smoothly as possible. Leslie has a reputation for providing high-quality mediation services with a very high success rate. She’s committed to helping clients reach favorable outcomes in their divorce process while working to protect their rights and interests throughout the process.

If you’re looking for an experienced and dedicated divorce mediator in Pasadena, get in touch with Leslie Howell.


Leslie earned her B.A. in 1998 and J.D. in 2001, both at the University of Southern California. She was admitted to the State Bar of California in 2001 and has been practicing family law ever since in areas of Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, and Community Property division.

During law school, Leslie began practicing as a certified law student in Pasadena. After graduating from law school, she began practicing family law in Century City, litigating high-profile cases. Eventually, she started her own firm in Pasadena. In 2010, Leslie changed her focus from litigation battles to amicable, affordable divorces. Ten-plus years later, Leslie’s firm, Amicable Divorce Services, APLC, primarily handles uncontested divorces with limited litigation.

Collaborative Law & Mediation Training

  • 2019 4-Day Transformative Mediation training with Dan Simon
  • 2018 2-Day CP Cal Collaborative Divorce conference with various pull-out seminars
  • 2015 3-Day Advanced Mediation Course with Judge Thomas Trent Lewis and Forrest “Woody” Mosten
  • 2014 3-Day Advanced Mediation Training with Forrest “Woody” Mosten
  • 2014 4 Days of the Advanced Certified Family Law Specialist course with Judge Thomas Trent Lewis
  • 2011 3-Day Collaborative Training with Forrest “Woody” Mosten
  • 2011 3-Day Collaborative Course with Pauline Tessler and Forrest “Woody” Mosten
  • 2010 3-Day Advanced Collaborative Divorce and Mediation Course with Forrest “Woody” Mosten
  • 2010 3-Day Collaborative Team Training with CDEI
  • 2010 40-Hour Basic Mediation Training with Forrest “Woody” Mosten

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attorney mission statement

Our goal at Amicable Divorce Services is to help couples and families resolve their concerns peacefully and efficiently regarding the children, finances and property without going to court.

our approach

When emotions run high, it may be critical that other professionals are brought in to settle your case, such as divorce coaches, a neutral financial specialist, child specialist.

Personal bio

Leslie comes from a bi-racial, musical family and she was a jazz singer for several years before (and after) attending law school. She has also worked for years in a corporate setting. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, but has lived in New York City, Japan and Hawaii. This insight allows Leslie to understand, as well as creatively think, about the issues at hand.

special qualities of the attorney

I had the pleasure of having Leslie represent me in a custody case. Leslie and her staff were very professional and make your case a priority. She listened to my concerns, formed a plan of action, and went to work. She resolved my issues in court and won my case on the first court date.
M. Brown