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Peacemaking Lawyers Versus Mediation

Most of my clients choose mediation over each hiring consulting lawyers to negotiate terms of their divorce on their behalf. Remember, mediation involves one neutral mediator in the room helping both spouses reach agreements. However, some of my clients choose a different process, one of which is when each spouse hires a PEACEMAKING lawyer and the two lawyers negotiate the settlement for their clients. (Remember to avoid bulldog attorneys who may cause your case to go to court; especially if they see assets that can be used to pay attorney’s fees.)

Be aware that family law settlements are not agreed to by the lawyers. The parties are the ones who accept or reject the terms of the divorce agreement. The lawyers work with each other to bring the spouses closer to agreement, but we lawyers must discuss the terms with our clients and it’s a back and forth process. Many of my clients prefer this rather than sitting in the same room with her/his soon-to-be ex.

There are other options in addition to mediation and peacemaking consulting lawyers. Call Amicable Divorce Services to learn more. 626-351-1200

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