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How to Protect Children From DCFS in a Divorce

protect children from DCFS in a divorce

In Los Angeles County, social workers from the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) can remove the children from both parents on the grounds that the conflict in their divorce is detrimental to the children. This means that it is initially at the social workers’ discretion to determine what level of conflict is detrimental to the children. Months after the children have been detained by DCFS and placed into foster care, there is a trial where a judicial officer will determine whether the conflict reached a level that it considers detrimental to the children. Many parents feel that DCFS rubber stamps the social workers’ recommendations and that their court-appointed attorneys are ineffective.



The best way for divorcing parents to prevent this risk is to stay out of court and choose either mediation or collaborative law. Through these processes, the parents can make personal choices together that affect the kids rather than having strangers determine where the kids will live and with whom. In addition, we work with various professionals who can help defuse the conflict and get you through your divorce with respect.

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