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What Are My Options to Divorce Without Court?

There are numerous ways for you and your spouse to obtain a divorce without going to court. The method you select will be based on your interests and concerns. For instance, if you are concerned that your children have a good relationship with both parents after the divorce, you would be more interested in collaborative law or some form of co-mediation.

If your children are your chief concern, collaborative law is an excellent choice. Collaborative law is a process that brings parents, children and the rest of the family to a state that is a less tense than litigation or going through divorce without a team approach. When children of divorce see their parents communicating without tension, it makes their lives easier in the present and future. Collaborative divorce is also a great choice for couples who do not have any children but are concerned with property division and creating their monthly budgets that will last for years to come. Moreover, collaborative law is much less expensive than going to court.

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