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What If Your Spouse Won’t Settle?

Settlement is a voluntary process. If one person won’t be reasonable and settlement fails, there is no choice but to go to court and have a judge decide the fate of your property, children and income.

If the other spouse hires a bulldog litigator who is in the case to make money, they may assume that your peacemaking divorce lawyer is desperate to settle your case. This is a mistaken assumption for naive attorneys who underestimate peacemaking lawyers!

When we are forced to deal with these greedy lawyers, we have no choice but to fight to protect your rights. Sometimes these lawyers are surprised because they don’t realize that a peacemaking lawyer will be a strong advocate. Again, this is mistaking reasonableness for weakness. When push comes to shove and the bulldog lawyer won’t permit his or her client to settle, we will go to court in selected cases. If your case isn’t one that we would choose to litigate, we will refer you to a bulldog attorney who will be happy to litigate for you.

Just remember that court is a traumatic process and has a negative impact on children of all ages as they watch their parents battle against each other.

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