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What is Co-Mediation?

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There are different forms of mediation in family law. The traditional method is for one neutral mediator to meet with both spouses (either with or without their lawyers). The mediator does not make any decisions but helps the spouses find a way to compromise so that they can reach an agreement. This is a great method when the parties have already made most of their decisions together and there is a very low level of conflict.

A newer method is co-mediation. Co-mediators can be lawyers, divorce coaches, financial specialists or trained mediators other than the above. The combination of co-mediators selected will be based on your concerns. For instance, if the subject of child support and child visitation creates tension, then you might consider having a divorce coach and a lawyer mediate together in order to reduce tension on those issues. Or, if you have a substantial amount of property, need to determine how much property you have, or need to create monthly budgets then one of your mediators should be a financial specialist and the other may be an attorney. There could be more than two co-mediators depending on the divorce.

Co-mediating is far less stressful than going to court or having one mediator. In addition, the children and other family members could be positively affected by using this method. Furthermore, co-mediation is far less expensive than going to court. Hiring more than one mediator may seem expensive but if you look at the big picture, then it will be obvious that co-mediation is tens of thousands of dollars less than litigating in court.

Please make sure that your mediators have intensive training and are peacemakers rather than bulldog litigators who occasionally mediate.

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  1. Thanks for this info. My cousin and his wife separated. They are now looking up some mediation lawyer to assist them in settling and dividing their assets.

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