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What is Collaborative Divorce? Part 1

Collaborative divorce offers a team approach. The usual team is made up of:

    -2 collaboratively trained lawyers (must be licensed to practice law)
    -2 divorce coaches (must be a licensed therapist and collaboratively trained)
    -1 neutral financial specialist (must be licensed accountant and collaboratively trained)

In addition, there may be a child specialist, realtor, tax attorney, or other specialist.

The parties and lawyers sign an agreement which says (among other things) that the parties shall not litigate, and if someone is going to litigate then the collaborative process terminates. However, the collaborative lawyers are not permitted to represent the client in court. The parties have to retain new attorneys to represent them in court. Many litigating attorneys do not like this agreement because they are precluded from staying in the case if it falls out of the collaborative process. Collaborative lawyers like this provision because it makes the entire team buy into the process for a solid commitment from all to resolve the parties’ concerns.

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