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What is Collaborative Divorce – Part 4

The lawyers (who MUST be collaboratively trained) draft documents as needed and are there to make sure the client can make informed decisions. We’re not there to argue the law. In fact, the law is the lowest point of interest in collaborative divorce. What we care about is the values and interest of each family member and what solutions would work best on a case-by-case basis. After meeting with the client, the divorce coaches tell the lawyers what the clients’ values and interests are.

The divorce coaches (who must be licensed therapists and also trained in the collaborative process) work with the clients on communication, emotions and co-parenting. This is a key component of the collaborative process. Without open communication, the process cannot work. Without co-parenting to support the children (even adult children), the kids may be set up for failure, guilt and fear… for their entire lives.

The financial specialist is like a neutral mediator who gathers the financial information, discusses this information with the team, educates the clients, and leads the team meetings. We rely heavily on the neutral financial specialist which saves the clients tons of money. Rather than paying 2 attorneys and 2 forensic accountants to fight over your money and property, you have one neutral doing all of the work with you and creating scenarios that may solve all of the short and long-term financial concerns.

Collaborative divorce is the opposite of the cookie cutter, litigation process. We put the clients’ real needs above everything else.

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