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What is Limited Scope Representation or Unbundled Services?

When you hire (retain) an attorney you have the option of paying a high retainer for an attorney of record, or you can hire your attorney on a limited scope basis to perform unbundled services for a fraction of the cost.

An attorney of record will usually require a retainer fee paid in advance in the sum of $3,500-$50,000. This attorney’s name will appear on all of your court papers and this attorney is required to appear at all court hearings. In addition, if there is an attorney representing the other spouse or parent, the attorneys are prohibited from communicating directly with the represented party and must communicate attorney to attorney only.

With limited scope, you have the opportunity to hire your attorney on a piecemeal, consulting basis. Limited scope attorneys can:   ghostwrite your paperwork, settle your case, make a court appearance with you, consult with you to prepare your case, be your mediation consulting attorney, handle only certain issues, etc.   Limited scope attorneys’ names do not appear on your paperwork and are not required to appear in court unless you have hired her to do so. You get to choose what tasks you want to handle yourself but keep in mind that most limited scope attorneys will not make a court appearance if they did not ghostwrite the court papers leading up to the hearing.

Not many of us family law attorneys offer limited scope services; Leslie Howell does.

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