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What is the Least Expensive Divorce Process?

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Divorce without going to court is typically the least expensive way to get a divorce. There are different ways that can save you money, such as mediation, limited scope, co-mediation, 2 truly collaborative-minded lawyers, collaborative divorce…. There are different levels of cost-effective divorce.

For instance, for those parents whose top priority is to prevent their children from suffering through the divorce, those parents may not want to cut too many corners. Most of the parents we see do not want their children (even adult children) to suffer from guilt, anger, anxiety or fear during the divorce.

Other spouses do not want to assume that a quick division of all property cut right down the middle is the best outcome for their family.

To discuss these options so that both of you can decide which one best suits you, call for a free initial consultation: 626-351-1200. We can meet you at our Pasadena office during the week or Saturdays in Studio City.

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