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You Don’t Have to Hire Separate Attorneys to Mediate

When we mediate divorce cases at Amicable Divorce Services, almost all of our clients choose to mediate without paying their lawyers to be present at the mediation. You have the option to have your attorneys present or mediate without lawyers. Leslie Howell is an attorney who serves as a neutral mediator without choosing sides.

Leslie works to ensure that there is a balance of power so that one spouse does not force the issue with the other spouse. This is a voluntary process after all. One neutral mediating attorney is all you need.

We do strongly advise spouses to each hire her or his own peacemaking, consulting lawyer to go over the agreement with them before signing it. This doesn’t require that you hire a court attorney who charges a $3,500-$50,000 retainer fee. It is relatively inexpensive to sit down with a family law lawyer to go over your agreement for an hour or two for a simple agreement, or it may take longer if your case is more complex.

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